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High Quality Laundered Shirts in Milwaukee

Dry Cleaners Milwaukee

Martinizing Drycleaning specializes in laundering and pressing business shirts. Many of our Waukesha and Milwaukee dry cleaning locations offer same day shirt service. Whether you like your shirts folded or on hangers, medium or heavy starch, we can do it with our new advanced shirt units.

Our goal is to produce the finest quality pressed and dry cleaned golf shirts, business shirts and dress shirts in Milwaukee, leaving a lasting impression with our customers.

Our new shirt pressing units have innovative breakthroughs coupled with user-friendly finishing equipment.

Dry Cleaning Services Milwaukee

One operating cycle provides a sterling finish of the dress shirt body and sleeves with special attention to the cuff and shirt back pleats.

New Features:

High-Quality Finishing
One-of-a-kind shirt cuff pleat press is included to press cuff pleats into their natural position, for a smooth appearance from cuff to shoulder.

All pressing operations are conducted at the rear of the machine, and away from the operator.

Milwaukee Dry Cleaning Pickup and Delivery

Our rotary collar-cuff press provides high-quality finishing, with special attention to curved, wrinkle-free shirt collars.

High-Quality finishing
Curved collar finish eliminates collar point fly-away and provides better overall appearance, while vertical pressing gives a higher quality finish.

Operator-safe design with press heads positioned away from the work area.

No other Milwaukee dry cleaner has more efficient shirt pressing and handling equipment, allowing Martinizing to charge less for our dress shirt laundry services than other dry cleaners. You will not find a better value on dress shirt laundry in Milwaukee, Waukesha, or anywhere else. Take your dress shirts and golf shirts to Milwaukee’s best dry cleaners and take a load off your mind, knowing your business clothing is in good hands. Stop in at Martinizing today to experience the highest level of laundry service and expertise in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Why do some shirts and blouses cost more to clean than the regular business shirt?

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The extra cost is in the pressing.

With special equipment we can press 80 shirts an hour.  This "mass production" keeps our cleaning costs low.   They are pressed while wet between hot metal plates to give shirts a crisp look and feel.  Shirts/blouses that do not fit, have ruffles, snaps, fancy buttons, are fitted, contains spandex, rayon and some linens or have detailing must be finished by hand to maintain the integrity of the shirt. At Martinizing dry cleaners in Milwaukee and Waukesha, we always use the best methods to find a balance of low cost and high quality for our customers. We will never do anything to sacrifice the condition of your clothing in order to save ourselves time. The highest quality dress shirt laundry in Milwaukee at unbeatable prices – that’s the Martinizing difference.


Why do my shirt buttons crack or break?

How long should my shirts last?

Give Martinizing a call today, 262.521.9710 to schedule a dry cleaning pick-up and delivery in Milwaukee or Waukesha and get your dress shirts laundered without leaving the house. You haven’t experienced the best in dry cleaning service, until you’ve experienced Martinizing.

Contact the Dry Cleaning Services Milwaukee trusts for business clothes cleaning and pressing. 
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