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I've been seeing commercials on TV about a product called Dryel. They make it sound like I can dryclean all my clothes at home in my clothes dryer. Is that possible?

Oh, if it were only that simple! That depends on what the word "clean" means! When you launder your clothes at home, you immerse them in water containing agents to aid in soil removal and retention of whiteness and brightness. You choose hot or cold water, normal or delicate cycle, and also select the length of agitation time, and decide whether to rinse once or twice. When your garments are professionally dry cleaned they also are totally immersed not in water but in solvents with the addition of detergent, brighteners and sizing. The dry cleaning cycle is computer controlled to ensure that each type of fiber, fabric, garment or household item receives the proper amount cleaning time, "rinsing" extraction, and just the right amount of drying time at the right temperature.

Dryel offers you spotting solutions and a bag to put your garments in and then instructs you to put it in the dryer for a specific amount of time. Your garments are not totally immersed in a solution containing cleaning agents, they are not rinsed. We have found that the spotting solution can be effective on many water soluble stains. It is not effective on solvent soluble stains or combination stains. Dryel  will give your garments a "fresh" odor after they have been tumbled. If that's what you're looking for, I would suggest to you that a fabric softener sheet would have the same effect!

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