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Community Involvement

Local Dry Cleaners Show Gratitude to Our Communities

Our Milwaukee dry cleaners are proud to give back to our surrounding communities. We strive to make the places we live, work and play cleaner, healthier and happier. Our success as active members and contributors in our communities would not be nearly as significant without the help of you, our family and friends. Our involvement with charities and local partnerships helps contribute to making our community great! Our continued support for places like Children’s Hospital and Rogers Memorial Hospital has benefited so many lives, making us proud to be a part of something so powerful.

Our dry cleaners care about our communities and want to create a healthy environment for all our neighbors. If you are interested in giving back, stop in at any one of our 16 local Milwaukee Martinizing stores for more information.

A Company of Charity

With harsh Wisconsin winters, we know how important coat, jacket, and blanket donations are. What’s also important is having clean winter wear for those less fortunate souls caught out in this cold. My Martinizing has assisted various charitable organizations by offering free cleanings for donated items. Our work with St. Francis Episcopal Church and Great Lakes Power Vac, LLC, was a particularly notable community effort, as described below.

Letter Transcription:


On behalf of St. Francis Episcopal Church & Great Lakes Power Vac, thank you so much for your generous gift of dry cleaning. With your help we are able to give over 100 coats to local charities & help keep needy people warm! Many of the church members are amazed at your generosity and say they will be sure to take their cleaning to your store.

Thanks Again,

Greta Smith

Along with the above organizations, below is a partial listing of the associations we have supported: 

 community/logoTitle.png community/I_back_jack_white.jpg
 community/clement_manor.jpg kids.jpg Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin along with Divine Consign
community/lake_country.jpg community/montsessori.jpg community/luther_chapel.jpg
community/hales.jpg community/business.jpg  community/phs.gif
 community/waldorf.jpg   community/rogers_hospital.jpg  community/seed.png  st_jerome.jpg


 community/sunset.gif    community/swallowindexdesign855.png
 Contact our dry cleaning Milwaukee area experts to learn more about our community involvement and upcoming events.


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