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Brian M., Mens Dress Shirt Cleaning Milwaukee Area Customer

Why iron your shirts?

Let's face it. Men hate using a clothes iron. I know I do. My wife can slap a shirt on the ironing board, wave the iron over it for 30 seconds, and badda-bing-badda-boom, nice crisp shirt. I on the other hand, wrestle with my shirt, knock over the ironing board, burn my hand, and eventually decide to wear a sweater... For about $2 a shirt, I now just go to the closet and pick out a nice crisp shirt and I'm on my way.

This has been my regular dry cleaner for the past 10 years. They have a nice frequent customer program. They give you a couple of clothes bags with to use so you can just drop them off when you fill them up. You don't even have to check in. The bags are tagged with your info. A 25% discount is always applied when using the Martinizing clothes bags.  Just throw them on the pile and walk out. Two days later, it's all done. Once a year, we have our comforters cleaned and they come back like new and not smelling like my dog. Very important.

Super friendly neighborhood employees. It's family owned and operated so they care about their customers. They even know me by name and I only go about once a month.



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