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Camp Laundry Service in Southeast Wisconsin

Martinizing Dry Cleaners now offer laundry service for extended-stay camps

WI Camp Laundry Service Benefits Everyone

Parents appreciate laundry services being provided for their children while at camp. This professional service not only ensures their child is clean and well taken care of, it also prevents them from having to deal with a week + of laundry when their child returns home, caked in mud or with ground-in, hard-to-remove stains.

Make life better for campers, volunteers, staff members and the camp as a whole by using our Southeast Wisconsin camp laundry service. Provide a much needed service, while reducing camp utility costs and setting your camp apart from others. Nature-based camps, religious camps, sports camps, music or educational camps are all covered by Martinizing Dry Cleaners.

Camp Laundry Service Southeast Wisconsin: 5 Point Care System

  • All laundry tagged, inventoried and returned
  • Laundry properly sorted
  • Laundry items assessed individually for complete dryness
  • Laundry is removed promptly from dryers and folded to reduce wrinkling
  • Hypoallergenic formulas can be used for those with skin sensitivity issues

Our 5 Point Care System guarantees proper, professional and safe cleaning of clothing, towels and bedding for campers, volunteers and staff members. There are a variety of benefits of our camp laundry service including:

  • Camps save on water, energy bills and laundry service workers/volunteers
  • Camps look and smell cleaner without dirty laundry build-up
  • Campers personal hygiene goes uncompromised
  • More storage space for campers (campers won’t need to pack nearly as much when laundry services are provided)

Our camp laundry service in Southeast Wisconsin provides scheduled pickup and delivery depending on the camp’s needs. This camp laundry service includes campers’ clothing, towels and bedding.

Attention Camp Owners and Coordinators: Don’t forget to utilize our Martinizing services for professional cleaning of camp rugs, drapes, blinds, pillows, blankets and bed comforters. Whether in between camp sessions or at the close of the year, keep your camp clean, sanitary and inviting with all of our services.

Sign-up for our camp laundry service in Southeast Wisconsin below or contact your local Milwaukee Martinizing Dry Cleaners for additional questions or to learn more about the other services we offer.

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